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Lincoln Talks About His Live Set Up:

Acoustic Guitars
  • 1962 Martin 00018 Acoustic
  • 1971 Martin D35 Acoustic
  • 2006 Renaissance RS-6
  • 2008 McPherson MG3.5
  • Baby Taylor Acoustic
  • Yamaha AEX 500B Electric Acoustic - Black
Electric Guitars
  • 1957 Reissue Limited Edition Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
  • 1966 Gibson SG w/ P-90's
  • 1980s '62 Reissue Fender Stratocaster
  • 1980s Fender James Burton Reissue Telecaster
  • 1994 Custom Ernie Ball Silhouette - Sea Foam Green
  • 1999 Gibson Les Paul 59 Historic Reissue - Sunburst Flametop
  • 2000 Les Paul Custom - White
  • 2006 Fender Stratocaster Eric Johnson Model
  • 2007 Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Edition
  • BOSS Blues Driver (BD-2)
  • BOSS Delay (DD-3)
  • BOSS Flanger (BF-3)
  • BOSS Reverb (RV-5)
  • BOSS Super Overdrive
  • Line 6 POD X3 Live
pod patches
Lincoln's POD Patches
To use Lincoln's POD Patch Library you will need a Line6 product compatible with a PODX3 or PODxt Live tone library. (PODxt, PODxt Live, PODxt PRO, POD X3, etc.) Plus, you will need to download the free software "Line6 Monkey" from
"Line6 Monkey" will allow you to backup, restore, and load entire libraries.
Note: Lincoln's main patches are 18B, 18C, and 18D. Happy tone hunting!

Download X3 Zip File Here.
Download XTLive Zip File Here.
Download X3 RAW File Here. (Right click and choose "Save Target" or "Download Linked File" - Control Click for Mac Users)
Download XTLive RAW File Here. (Right click and choose "Save Target" or "Download Linked File" - Control Click for Mac Users)

NOTE: If the file does not download or unzip properly, then follow these instructions:
PC Users: You will need Unzip to uncompress this file. ( offers a free unzip application.)
For Mac Users: You will need Stuffit Expander to uncompress this file. (Stuffit Expander is a free download.)

What kind of guitars are you playing?
I am currently playing two 1957 reissue custom shop heavy relic Fender Stratocasters. The main one I play is aztec gold and was built for me by Mike Eldred and the boys at the custom Fender shop. (Thanks guys!) The sunburst I actually bought at Guitar Center. I was looking for a backup and just stumbled across it one day. I would say the main difference between the two is the gold guitar has an ash body and the sunburst had alder body. They both have DiMarzio virtual vintage pickups (area 61 on the bridge, area 58 on the neck). The back tone pot is wired only to the bridge pick up. I usually roll this tone pot back to 6. That usually makes the guitar sound a litter fatter while retaining the characteristics of the single coil pickup. The middle pick up has no tone pot and the neck pickup is wired to the middle tone pot. Before I got the two heavy relic Strats I played an Eric Johnson model for about a year and a half. I still have it and do recording with it fairly often.

I used to have two other Strats that where unfortunately stolen! I then bought the Eric Johnson Strat off the shelf on my way to a gig to replace them and it turned out to be a totally cool God thing. I showed up at the show, and there was a guy named Gary Brawer there – he’s a guitar tech in the Bay Area who has worked for Carlos Santana and Satriani. He was at the sound-check and asked if there was anything he could do for me. I said, “Dude, I actually just bought this guitar. Would you mind giving it the once over?” He set it up and the guitar played like a dream. That's the guitar I recorded Everlasting God with. It also has the same pickup set up as my other two.
What kind of gear are you playing?
I actually get asked this question a lot! People will come up to me and say, "dude, your tone is amazing , what do you use?" When I tell them a typical response would sound something like, "Are u serious?" or "There's no way" or "Don't you miss that real tube-y sound?". I always want to say, "You're the one who's asking me how to get my tone and you're the one who's liking it, and now you're having trouble accepting that you can get that type of sound for around $400!"

The answer to this tends to surprise a lot of people but it goes to show that when people listen with their ears and not with their eyes they get a much more true response to what's good and what's not. Most of my life I've just simply had to do a lot with little and I couldn't afford to go out and buy a bunch of vintage or boutique amps. So, the gear I use today has been a real blessing to me as well as to a lot of other guitar players who have found themselves in the same situation... and believe me if I thought for a second that my tone was being compromised by the gear that I'm using I would stop using it immediately. So that being said here is what I use:

The Line 6 POD X3! (Cue dramatic music.)

I started studying how the guys at Line 6 modeled things. And a friend from the Hollywood Vintage Room was telling me that he actually loaned them amps to model. He told me, “Yeah, the AC30 they modeled was the best-sounding AC30 I’ve ever heard in my life. Same with the Marshall Plexi they modeled.” So he knows the exact amps that they’re using there, and having met some of the guys over at Line 6, I can say they are all genuine tone guys – they really understand amps and pickups. So I just started doing real life, proof-is-in-the-pudding comparisons, and I’ve been using Line 6 stuff since the first version of Amp Farm for ProTools.

So that was when I realized they were on to something cool. I kept diving further into it. I would take some of my vintage amps and modern amps into the studio and do my best to get a killer sound and record it. Then I would take the POD and do my best to match it.

So after much tweaking I've come up with a couple of patches that I love. I just treat them like a couple of my favorite amps.
Are you also using the onboard effects on the POD X3 or do you go with pedals?
I do use some pedals in front of it – a lot of people don’t know that it responds like an amp when you put pedals in front of it. So I don’t use the POD as an effects box; I use it as a mic’ed up amp simulation. There are times during the night when I’m not using anything on it. I’ll usually put a hair of a delay on it, but that’s all. I really like the BOSS OD3 and the BOSS Blues Driver. The OD3 works great for pre-amping dirty sounds or clean sounds.
What POD model are you using?
The model I use with the POD is a Plexi Variac Marshall with Greenback 25s, mic’ed with a SM57 and off axis. And I worked very, very hard in a studio environment to hone that sound. The great thing is Line6 has a plug in version of the PODxt and X3 called GearBox. By using this I have a great visual interface and can save the patches with the songs and then when I'm done recording I can load those patches into my X3 and take the exact tones I record with on the road with out needing to connect a host computer.... I mean who wants to set a laptop by their pedal rig? There are some other companies out there who've made a big deal about having a foot controller for computer software, but Line6 has been doing it for years without needing anything but a pedal board and personally I think their modeling is by far the best thing out there.
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